6-10th December 2023 | METROPOLITAN EXPO
Why to Participate

Why to Participate

Athens International Boat Show is the oldest, the most prestigious and the most comprehensive exhibition for boating and sea related activities, being each year a milestone and an ideal meeting point for the entire market, a justified praise unanimously expressed by exhibitors and visitors alike.

Following a time of introversion due to the pandemic, the need for recreation and return to the joys and activities of a sea-based life has become even greater. With impressively increasing interest from all over the world, Athens International Boat Show is expected to become a joyful celebration for all sea enthusiasts and a great international event that will set sails for the years to come.

In particular:

  • Greece, with thousands of beautiful and famous islands and with the longest coastline in the Mediterranean Basin, is the ideal place for recreation and sea-related tourism, attracting people from every corner of the world.
  • Due to its varied geography and its submarine relief, its ideal climate and its unique biodiversity Greece is a living paradise for those who love alternative ways of recreation, extreme sports, sea exploration, diving and fishing, becoming a world-known top destination for professionals and amateurs.
  • The high level of expertise and the great interest and enthusiasm of the exhibition visitors renders Athens International Boat Show an ideal place for every exhibitor to showcase new products and services in front of a willing target audience, offering high return on investment.
  • Greece has a great tradition of sea-related activities, such as boating and sailing, known to all over the world, therefore Athens International Boat Show offers an unrivalled business network that offers the opportunity to any exhibitor to broaden vision and productivity.
  • Metropolitan Expo, the largest and most advanced exhibition centre in Southeast Europe, offers high level of exhibition services and facilitation for the maximum advantage of business potential.