07.05.16 | ATHENS BOAT SHOW 2016: The exhibition's commercial succes signifies the kick-start of the industry


The exhibition’s commercial success signifies the kick-start of the industry.

Thousands of visitors strolled through the aisles of the Boat Show exhibition, the ultimate and largest maritime exhibition in Greece which took place at the Olympic Fencing Center in Elliniko, from November 30 to December 4.

Compared to the previous events, this year’s Boat Show review indicated an increase in exhibitor entries, in the number and the variety of boats. During the exhibition, professionals and non-professional sea enthusiasts showed an active commercial interest, which resulted in closing several deals and placing many orders. 

The highly positive commercial assessment, of the past 5 days, indicated a progress in the industry which will lead to the market’s gradual and steady development.

Mr Christos Lambridis, the General Secretary of Ports, Ports Policy & Maritime Investments at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Island Policy, declared the opening of the exhibition, on Wednesday November 30.

During his speech, he stressed out the importance of Maritime Affairs to the Greek economy, as well as the vital need to support all sectors relevant to Maritime Affairs and Tourism. With the correct structure and work, these two basic sectors will be able to make a valuable contribution to the development of the Greek economy.

Finally, the General Secretary concluded by stating that the close collaboration with the Greek Association of Marine Manufacturers (SECAPLAS) is essential for the sector’s development and announced that the Minister of Maritime Affairs has provided guidelines to support these sectors, which will constitute the main supporting pillars of the Greek economy.

Regarding SECAPLAS P.E.E.Y.
The Greek Marine Manufacturers Association (SEKAPLAS P.E.E.Y) was founded in 1978. To this day its members include manufacturers - agents, importers and dealers of all types of boats, boat engines, boat segments and accessories, maritime and electronic instruments, sea vessel building materials, paints, lubricants, fire safety equipment, aquatic sports & diving equipment, water sports goods, etc.

Regarding EXPO ONE
EXPO ONE is active in exhibition organization, with 16 years of experience in organizing the International Boat Show and the Spring Boat Show




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